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We're a dedicated charity with nearly 95,000 followers on Facebook.

Our mission since we were founded in 2013, is to reunite beloved pets with their families. Over the past few years, our efforts have been recognized with prestigious awards: we won the People’s Choice Award in the Help Awards for community champions in 2021, 2022, and 2023, as well as the Community Champion Award in 2023.

Our team works tirelessly, from 9 am to 9 pm every day (and often longer), monitoring our Facebook page, posting about lost and found pets, and conducting fieldwork such as scanning for microchips, assisting with recovery, and safely catching wandering pets.

We collaborate closely with local shelters to prevent wrongful identifications and ensure accurate matches.


Our team is dedicated, professional, and passionate about representing the Lost Pets of South Australia brand. We also value camaraderie and enjoy friendly banter among team members.

There are TWO types of volunteers roles.


Looking to join our ADMIN team? You'll need good written communication skills and confidence using social media apps. Make sure you have a reliable computer/laptop and internet connection (tablets won't do).

We offer comprehensive training before you start handling tasks independently.

As an administrator, you'll spend your shift (usually 3 hours) monitoring our Facebook inbox and page. You'll respond to messages about missing pets, sightings, and found animals, providing advice within your training scope. This may involve text messages, cross-referencing Facebook posts, and making phone calls.


You'll also coordinate with veterinary clinics, councils, and animal rescue organizations, as well as our Search & Assist volunteers for microchip checks.

Unfortunately, you may encounter photos of deceased animals, as administrators also monitor and moderate community comments.

You'll let us know your availability for shifts each week (our page is active from 9 am to 9 pm daily).

We publish rosters a week in advance, taking into account your unavailable days/times. Ideally, you can commit to at least three hours a week most weeks.

In short, as an administrator, you'll need to be empathetic, organised, computer literate, and have a sense of humor. You'll interact professionally with people from all walks of life. In return, you'll work with a fantastic, loyal, and friendly volunteer team, making a positive impact in our community.


Our Search & Assist volunteers are issued a microchip scanner.


There are no set shifts but you will need a reliable mobile phone and vehicle and a drivers licence.


The role involves attending found pets, liaising with members of the public and scanning animals for a microchip (as well as occasionally attending deceased animals to scan if you agree). Sometimes you may be asked to help with recovering a pet at large. This is all coordinated by the admin team.


Search & Assist volunteers nominate the suburbs they can attend and attendance is based on your availability at the time of the call out. Some of our admin team do both roles as the search & assist role is usually not a huge time commitment, although the work is unplanned.


Both volunteer roles are hugely rewarding and provide the opportunity to work with a fantastic team.

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